What are Embracers?

Embracers clear toxic memories replaying in the subconscious.

Dr. Ihaleakala Hew Len, Ph.D.


Wearing an “Embracer” allows the Cleaning to take place continuously, embracing memories and programs of pain and suffering with love and gratitude, releasing them back to nothing. This constant Cleaning allows the mind to return to zero, restoring the soul to pure light and love. Only at zero is love renewed and divine inspiration becomes possible.

Ihaleakala discusses the embracers in this 5 minute video.


Ihaleakala placed a permanent spiritual icon on his Zero-Wise and Ceeport websites which transfer to all tools and interactions conducted through these portals.  All tools are authenticated with his initials or full signature.  Tools originating from his websites are taught the SITH process and will Clean non-stop.

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