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The Zero-Wise cleaning team receives requests for help in Cleaning with problems being experienced throughout the world here at zero-wise.com. We Clean!

Posting a Cleaning request requires that you accept that you retain 100% responsibility for your experience and results. Cleaning is a relationship between you and Divinity alone. Any healing or changes that occur are your responsibility and good fortune. Participation in these Cleaning pages presumes you have some knowledge, education and practice of the SITH PROCESS.

Please follow our guidelines when you write your request if you wish it to be posted online. The way you phrase your requests BEGINS THE CLEANING. ALL requests will be Cleaned by Zero-Wise Cleaning team.

However, if you want them posted online for world wide cleaning, please use one or more of the statements shown below.

The Cleaning BEGINS WITH YOU. If written in this way, they will be posted online for the world community to clean in the order received.

Choose a statement -or- any combination to present your request online:

1. I am sorry, please forgive me for anything in me that may be contributing to my experience of . . .
2. I am Cleaning with my THOUGHTS ABOUT . . .( list your inventory of thought forms). . .
3. I am Cleaning with my EXPERIENCE OF . . . ( list your inventory of experiences) . . .
4. I am sorry, please forgive me for anything in me that is not Love.
5. I am sorry, please forgive me for anything in me that may be contributing to my experience of this problem.

All other requests, however they are written, will be lovingly received and cleaned for 10 days and then archived and not posted online.

Please include a google translation if your submission is not in english.

Zero-Wise does not make any profit. All our funds are used to pay our operating expenses. We are grateful for any contribution you make to our work. With your donation we can continue to develop our educational and cleaning projects. To make a donation, please, visit our shop.

Zero-Wise Cleaning team.

Viewing Cleaning Requests: (some options)

1. View Cleaning requests here.
2. Listen within for inspiration on the cleaning.
3. Click the ♥ below the request after you have cleaned.

How to Submit a Cleaning Request: 

1. Use the form below.
2. Post anonymously only with information you wish public.
3. Cleaning requests are posted for 10 days, then archived.
4. Please do not submit more than one Cleaning request per month.

Name for cleaning purpose only. It remains anonymous.

Your email is for our confirmation only and will never be visible on the cleaning request pages.

Please give your cleaning request a short title. (4 words max.)

Please submit an image with your cleaning request. (please limit file size to 1 MB)

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