Seals of Divine Love

Suggested Price $10.00

1.25″ diameter seal (transparent with clear center)

Minimum Price $10.00




Seals of Divine Love are Memory Free. They clean non-stop.

The rainbow represents Divine Love.

Seals can be placed on electrical equipment such as computers, telephones, cell phones, your car, etc.  They can be attached to light switches and other household items, office furniture, building structures and documents. They work as vortexes, draining memories from your subconscious.

High quality, durable self-adhesive stickers, featuring a rainbow ring, a clear, transparent center, with a metallic “Ihhl” (Ihaleakala’s signature) in an iridescent gold reflective finish.

Seals measure 1.25″ (3.175 cm) in diameter.

These designs are made from Ihaleakala’s handwriting.

Our shipping rates

Seals ship free
USA: $7 Flat Rate
INTL: $16.50 Flat Rate
The Cleaning Clock +$25 each


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