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Ho’oponopono embracer  video is a self-care tool that lasts a lifetime.So many of us have a negative bias regarding the Self.For example, we have no clue as to “How to Love“ ourselves. To counter this negative bias, the Zero-Wise team offers an opportunity to see yourself (or someone you love) in a short cleaning video that may suggest ways Divinity sees you.

As Dr. Hew Len often reminded us to “get to the cleaning.” We are finding new ways to clean that can release untapped energies, power, and wisdom hidden just beneath the surfaces of our daily routines.

We invite you to see for yourself!  To get a feeling of what to expect, please, view Ho’oponopono embracer video made for our beloved Ihaleakala https://www.zero-wise.com/video/into-divinity/

Send us your photos by email in (jpeg) format.Tell us what you want to tell us before we begin in an email or by Zoom or Facetime call.

All information you choose to provide will never be made public by us in any form.In return, we will send you a 3–5-minute video made with love, integrated with cleaning tools, within 3 weeks, which you may keep private or share as you wish.

We ask you to make a donation to our work at Zero-Wise upon ordering your Embracer video.

Please email your request  to marijanapontoni@zero-wise.com.
Set your price. Minimum donation is $100. Your donation link will be sent upon confirmed reservation.
  •  Upon receiving the video, I realised that I was loved and not unloved as previously thought. The cleaning video also put my dad’s picture first at the start of the video whom I had an acrimonious relationship with many a times and I realised the importance of the role he played although he had passed away. The pictures seemed also to be arranged in perfect chronological order somehow and I could feel the cleansing power of the cleaning tools. The video and background music were unintrusive although I played it a few times.  Aloha

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