Embracer bag

Ihaleakala says the shortcut to Zero is to Fall in Love With Everything. When you are at Zero, you are Eternal, at One with Divinity.  

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100% cotton tote bag
Size 17x14x4“ (43x36x10 cm)

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Ihaleakala says Take everything back to nothing. The new Zero-Wise Cleaning bag will Clean non-stop, embracing anything you are inspired to place in it, under it and over it (thoughts, cleaning inventory, lists, objects). Handles feature phrases I Love You and Thank You in Ihaleakala’s handwriting. Design on a body of the bag features message from Ihaleakala Fall in love with everything.

Message in gold from Ihaleakala printed inside is:
What we individually hold, memories or inspirations, have an immediate and absolute impact on everything in humanity to the mineral, vegetable and animal kingdoms. When a memory is converted to Zero by Divinity in the conscious and subconscious mind (the soul), it is converted to Zero in all other conscious and subconscious minds – in all of them! I wish you and your family, relatives and ancestors, Peace beyond all Understanding.

Peace of I,
Dr. Ihaleakala Hew Len

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Embracer Bag

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White with indigo, White with magenta, White with gold

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