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The Cleaning Clock Desktop App. Moment by moment. This desktop application Zero-Wise rainbow clock will clean your land, home and people.

Two Styles Available.

1. With the phrase “Your Love is Eternal” and “I love you” along with Ihaleakala’s “Ihhl” signature.

2. No phrase, with Ihaleakala’s “Ihhl” signature only.

Instruction for installation available in Additional Information.

All contributions made for our video downloads and purchases for our products are used to continue our cleaning and educational work on this website. No profits are being made here.

Installation instructions

Installation for Windows Users

1. Unzip the file.

2. Double click Cleaning Clock after which you will be asked if you want to install it.

3. Click “Install” and the clock will appear on your desktop.

*If you are using windows 8, 8.1 or 10, follow the link for more detailed installation instructions

Installation for Mac Users

1. Unzip the file and Drag and Drop Zero-Wise Clock to the Application folder.

2. Control+Click on the Cleaning Clock icon in the Finder, then select “Open.” You will see a new popup asking if you are sure you want to run the app on your Mac.

3. Choose “Open” again and you are set. This step needs to be performed only the first time you open the Cleaning Clock. In future, start it as usual.

4. If you have more than one desktop and want it on every single one, go to the menu bar while Cleaning Clock is open and selected, navigate to ”Widget“ and customize up to your preference. The same options are available if you right click icon in your Dock.

*In case you cannot start it this way, follow tutorial available here

If you would like Cleaning Clock App to start every time you start up your computer, you have to add it to Login Items. To do so, go to System Preferences, navigate to Users&Groups and then to Login Items. Click Plus and navigate to the Application folder. Choose Zero-Wise Clock and close System Prefernce window.

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