I am sorry, please forgive me for anything in me that is not Love.  I forgive myself for replaying old memories, known and unknown, of anger, fear, self-judgment,  self-condemnation, and shame.  I clean to let go of all expectations of myself and others. I clean to be at zero, where only love resides.  I clean to be with Divinity.  I am always Love in Action.

I let go in each moment to the stillness within me.  I clean to be inspired by Divine Intelligence.  At zero, I know what to do, where to go, and what to say.  I listen deeply to Divine guidance.  I know that Love heals.

I am grateful to all people, known and unknown, who clean everything in the way of Love.  I love you and Thank you.

I am in the embrace of Love.  I am humbled by divine love and mercy.

17 have cleaned on this request