In 2009 I found the book Zero Limits, read it and was inspired. I started my cleaning journey. I learned all I could about Ho’oponopono from the information that was available to me, whilst cleaning all the while. At first things got worse, but I understood the memories replaying were coming to my attention for cleaning, although I still found it hard. I struggled for years with problems of anger, hatred, guilt, shame, frustration, self destruction, resentment, deep depression, an eating disorder (bulimia), confusion, 4 attempted suicides, miscarriages, alcoholism, and more. I had breaks from cleaning as there were times I couldn’t remember to clean because I was so distracted with painful memories of the past and things that were happening in the present.
One day last year, I decided to take the leap and purchase a cleaning tool….an embracer.
The day my embracer arrived (before I checked the mail box) I felt clear, and happy for no reason. I felt my embracer was in the mail box and when I checked, there it was… life has dramatically changed since. I love you, thank you.
Every area of my life has improved dramatically, everything really began to mend and heal. Things became more peaceful and happy within myself and showed in my children and husband also.
I recently purchased a new embracer which has been wonderful as my previous one lost elasticity and I now use the previous one on my water bottle for cleaning water I drink. Thank you.
I was stuck with letting go of certain things, which has now been erased after sending healing requests to zero wise. I love you, thank you.
I have a great relationship with my inner child which I work on everyday, at first it was hard, because when I spoke to my inner child during meditation, I saw an angry dark shadow of a child who wanted violence rather than peace. Now I see a beautiful happier child who becomes more of a friend everyday, and I’m truly grateful for that. I love you.
I’ve gone from being a victim, to full time cleaning and taking responsibility for the data that is replaying, and I fully appreciate that. Thank you.
I am dedicated to cleaning, deleting data and nurturing my inner child constantly. I understand that cleaning is my only purpose. I’m grateful.
I’m so grateful to inspiration. I’m grateful for ho’oponopono through self I-dentity, and for the cleaning tools and grateful for my inner child who cleans also. I love you.
I gifted my Mum two embracers, and asked my hubby if he’d like one, which he said yes to, so i bought him one also. I figure it will help me clean faster. Thank you.
My home has gone from a deeply unhappy environment, to peace and love.
I love you, thank you for giving me the opportunity to let go so you can be free.