Aloha from Qatar!
It’s indeed a blessed day! I’ve received my Ceeport Tools with a free Rainbow Embracer few days ago. Thank you, I love you! 
Few weeks ago, after months of soul searching, I stumbled upon an article about Ho’oponopono which made me read and watch almost all the available information that can be found on the internet about Dr. Hew Len  Ms. Morrnah N. Simeona and of course the healing power of Ho’oponopono! 
I for one, used to be so controlled by my intellectual side, very righteous, judgmental, have gotten so much trust, guilt, doubt, resentment, abandonment and anger issues to name a few, which I believe collectively, the reasons as to why my love life and family relationships are not so great. I was in a very dark place consumed by negative emotions and thoughts. However, after I’ve watched several videos of Dr. Hew Len’s interviews, everything did sink in, that there’s nothing out there and everything is within or in me. That our thoughts, emotions, choices and actions are influenced by our memory bank of the past that come from our ancestors. Since then I fully accepted that I am 100% responsible for everything that’s happened and happening to me, and now believe that there’s a blessing in each situation, although I may not see it that way yet. That I have to clean at every given chance or time I can, and that I have to operate based on love in pursuit of real happiness and freedom, back to clean slate, back to zero state.
And so I started cleaning daily and as frequent as I can and planned on attending SITH Basic I class in October. Though I am just totally new to the practice, I can honestly say that within the first few days of being aware and doing the process of cleaning, I felt the changes at least in me. I started feeling better in general, I’ve also began letting those hard walls (negative energies & feelings) that I let myself be surrounded with, slowly go down like as if melting away. I still am feeling hurt and defensive at times, but now I can pull myself out of it, out of that feeling & situation whenever it arises. I don’t abruptly react or feel like I have to defend myself or be righteous anymore… by just saying I’m sorry, please forgive me, I love you and Thank you repetitively, I learnt to let go and be at peace. I still am an ongoing process, but I can now feel the difference, what Ho’oponopono does in me – my life.
I definitely am inspired and committed to Cleaning to Zero for the rest of my life!
Much love to give in return! I love you. Thank you!