I felt inspired to embark on this adventure. climbing on the lake Sorapis Italy (1923 m.)
During the journey, I met some people who told me that by now I was already late because the sun was setting in less than 2 hours and to get to the destination it took at least 2-3 hours of walking, therefore I would have no way to see anything. Moreover, it was very dangerous at night.
I immediately applied “jelly bean” time capsules and knowing that I would be in the right time and place .. arrived at the destination in time .. I took the photo with incredible results … the things that made me happier is that I had the whole lake and surroundings just for myself..there was nobody beside myself.
I recited “I” am the “I” out loud. and I left on the way home …. at this moment it was very dark and I suddenly reflected on the fact that life is very similar .. we embarked on this journey. We arrive where we were supposed to … and now we have to come home (zero) to Divinity
But the way back is black and dark (memorise,) .. without light. We do not know where to go and what step to take .. consequently, we start to get anxious, afraid and think too much but if we apply self-i-dentity-through- Ho’oponopono … we return to the state of emptiness .. the divinity fill the empty with the inspiration (the light) 🔦 so we can see more clearly the path and what step to take to returning home. With the light, we feel safer, protected, and guided.
Ice Blue 🧊