In January 2012 I attended Basic II taught by Dr. Hew Len in Hawaii.
During that weekend, I assumed I was to clear on MY grandfather who came from Sicily and with whom I did not have a good relationship.  I assumed that it was something in his background with me that had cause the financial challenges I had been facing.  During one of the meditations with Dr. Hew Len it came clear as day that it was my father-in-law, M. Goeglein, who I had history to clean on.  M. was an exceptional man AND with the intent of goodness only, he was responsible for creating the framework for the current credit card system so those with low incomes could get credit but not go to loan sharks.  Very good intention, however, credit card debt and debt in general had lead to so much pain (but was not the cause of our financial distress).  Memories of that weekend, my learnings, my deep appreciate for the teachings Dr. Hew Len brought into a larger audience filled my hearts the last few weeks.
Thank you for posting my story.
Peace of I, Andrea