Placing my Embracers onto plants, I petition to the Divinity for forgiveness for any harm for Mama Gaia.
I have no words to thank you for the work on Ho’oponopono cleaning you have been doing and for cleaning tools that help so many people all over the world in all aspects of life.
I am very careful with the interpretation of the results of cleaning because my conscious mind tries to do this. I can sometimes notice that obstacles disappear or there are no extremal difficulties.  It not always happens quickly and I not always can give a clear example ‘ problem – cleaning with a certain tool – obvious/material result’. But looking back, I see that long-term difficult and serious situations gradually came to peace or disappeared without any unwanted consequences.
I would like to share my experience of cleaning.
Sun Tea :
Once in a forum about official ho’oponopono Cleaning tools one person  shared her experience about Sun tea – she had migraine, placed a packet of this tea on her head, and headache stopped.
Her advice helped me very much. Once I woke up because of a headache, took some pills, nothing helped. The headache was terrible and became worse. I had no idea how to cope with it. Fortunately, I remembered about Sun tea, placed the packet on my head, and after some time ( not immediately but not long) it was such feeling as if the pain was pulled out of my head, the ache stopped and I fell asleep.
ZeroLag Pass is a great tool. I write on my ZeroLag Pass all my thoughts and feelings about things which disturb me. I should say, I see changes very often. Parcels are delivered on time, broken Internet connection starts working, unfriendly neighbors start to smile and say ‘hello’, required contacts ( I was looking for a good accountant) get in touch with me, money comes by the time it is necessary, serious complicated deals become easy and comfortable and stress free, important documents are done in a proper way and lots of things are in harmony.
I noticed a very interesting thing – cleaning tools come to my life, my reality. One example: I like bluebonnets very much, but I didn’t know that flower before Ho’oponopono.  I had never met it in our region. Just saw beautiful pictures from Texas  on the Internet. I even didn’t know how to translate its name into my language. Last year I was going by train to visit my friend in the countryside and suddenly saw big meadows of bluebonnets. On the way from the station to my friend’s place bluebonnets were everywhere and when I came to my friend I could see her house surrounded by lots of bluebonnets. Unbelievable!  I had visited her many times but never seen any bluebonnets.
A couple of months ago we relocated and now live in a new place. During first days I couldn’t find blue glass bottles although I asked in many places. They answered blue bottles are never used. I placed a request here, at zero-wise, and in several days I met a gorgeous big blue glass jar and a bit later in a supermarketI found wines in cobalt blue glass bottles of different sizes.
But the biggest surprise for me was an ohi’a tree in the garden in front of our house.  It was absolutely miraculous ! Now I see lots of ohi’a trees everywhere in the town and it is a fairy tail for me.
I had been getting through quite harsh situations for several past years and thank to your help, cleaning via zero-wise now I can enjoy life, I appreciate my opportunities to clean, my connection with the Divinity is being restored and many other wonderful things happen.
Thank you so very much!
With love and gratitude,
The peace of ‘I’