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Both Ihaleakala and I have applied the Self-I-Dentity through Ho`oponopono process throughout our lives. We have been inspired to share some of our stories with you. It is always about the cleaning. The book itself is a Cleaning Tool. That means the book knows how to CLEAN – it has an I-Dentity. It will CLEAN as it is inspired.

As we know, when we clean, the memories that get released from our Subconscious mind, get set free from everyone and everything. We “Cause to make Right” every time we initiate the Ho`oponopono process.

I am ever grateful to be part of the cleaning and story telling. For me, I get to clean, I get to be set free. I get to make amends.

PEACE to you and your family, relatives, and ancestors always.

–Kamailelauli’I Rafaelovich