The first experience happened a few weeks ago at a Louis Vuitton store.  I went into to inquire about purchasing a new wallet which I do every 4-5 years.  When I took out my wallet which is pictured to show and example of what I was looking for, the sales assistant said, “Oh, we can fix that for you.  You don’t need to use that rubber band!”  I explained my wallet worked well, and the “rubber band” was actually a moment-by-moment reminder of my life’s work.


The second experience happened this morning and prompted me to write.  I had gone to a jeweler I trust and respect, Jeff.  I was having a few wedding ring samples sent to our daughter Dana who will marry on 3/18/17.  When I took out my wallet Jeff commented that he had a brother who would love that ‘rainbow bracelet’.  I immediately took it off and asked that he send to his brother in San Francisco.  I then came home and got another enhancer from my supply.


These experiences bring me so much visceral joy.  I love you and Thank you.  Andrea