I wanted to share this experience with you … I am grateful for the time you are giving me to read this.
I have been practicing the SITH process for more than 10 years now … and every day I realize how lucky I am to have this possibility of putting it into practice … I woke up this Sunday and went to work .. I am ” Sous Chef ” a cook by profession in a restaurant near Venice.

I immediately noticed that as soon as I put my foot down to work I felt very plump … I had my stomach upside down … I felt like throwing up .. I was weak .. and I thought I would faint there at work … as if that were not enough, Chef started to reproach me on some matters, and to raise the tone of his voice … telling me to do things as quickly as possible. Besides we had almost 100 people who in less than 3 hours would come to eat   and I had 13 hours of work ahead of me.

I started to apply the SITH and after a while I felt the inspiration tell me “the problem was that I didn’t take good care of my body and my Unihipili” I worked too many hours even 16 a day and slept less than 5 hours.

So I humbly apologized to my body and my unihipili for not taking good care of them and for not having put me in the first place ..and I asked them if we could somehow make it through this day .. after work I would have taken good care of them and slept more .. Not even 5 m after , I felt like new. I was incredulous that before , I felt like I was going to die, while now I was ready to face the day with energy.

Even the chef calmed down and I finished the day without feeling bad and sick anymore .. I am infinitely grateful to the SITH because without cleaning I would
never have understood and learned this lesson of life.
Mahalo 🤙
SITH student and stuff
Maluhia illya Igorovych kir’yanov