Cleaning guided us to rebuild the website from the ground up.

We cleaned, and inspiration followed. Click around to learn about Ihaleakala’s inspiration on the rainbow, embracers, and divine love.

All new imagery, cleaning tools, products, and videos are headed this way too.

We are grateful for your visit.


Inspiration told us to create a Photo Wall.

You’ve been sending us photos, along with stories and testimonials from around the world since we launched the site in 2011.

Visit the photo wall and if you want to participate, just send us an email with your pics and anything you would like to say and we’ll post them.


Our Cleaning Video has been a big hit. We heard you and are preparing to make more.

In fact, the Cleaning Video has had over 100,000 views to date; here, and on YouTube.

All of our videos will now be downloadable in HD very high quality video formats for you to play on any device.


And finally, a new eCommerce shop, to support our work, check out new products, along with our digital downloads.

So, enjoy your stay, feel free to always contact us, and sign up for our new mailing list to get notified of new videos, products, and general Zero-Wise news as we post them.

Mahalo for visiting!

– The Zero-Wise Cleaning Team

“The only task in your life and mine is the restoration of our Identities ~ our Minds ~ back to their original state of void or zero.” ~ Ihaleakala Hew Len, Ph.D.